SterilCut C5

SterilCut 5C

The SterilCut 5C is the first cancellous bone processing press from BioCut Systems. This press has the capability to cube up to 72 pieces of cancellous bone per cycle.

  • Overall press dimensions are 12″ W x 9″ D x 17″ H
  • Physical weight of approximately 110 lbs.
  • Precise platen and subplate (flat to 0.001″)
  • 3 anti-splash windows
  • 2.25” x 1.625″ 72-up cutting area
  • 5 tons of cutting force
  • Dual anti-tie down actuation switches
  • Fully pneumatic actuation, no electricity required
  • Reduce processing time.
  • Safety and accident prevention.
  • Wash down design provides easy cleaning.
  • Clean Room Ready Press Table