What Is Diecutting?

Learn More About Medical Diecutting

Medical die cutting utilizes traditional methods to cut biomaterials used
by regenerative medicine companies.

Die cutting in a cleanroom processing environment is a relatively
new concept. Many tissue processing facilities are still using scalpels,
or other tools which do not give the highest quality outputs. Cleanroom
compatible die cutting is possible with medically safe, cleanable, sterile
dies for cutting many medical and food grade products within a
pneumatic cleanroom compatible press.

  • This cutting method enhances productivity, create safety, and minimize waste, with improved yield.
  • The cleanroom compatible die cutting system was designed for a Class 100 cleanroom, in order to be useable within many environments.
  • Increases efficiency, repeatability, and profitability with die cutting.

We offer full service conception, training, and implementations to get
you started. All we need to get started is help understanding your
current process and what you want to accomplish with die cutting. We
will need to know your material size and composition, dimensions of
your cut parts, production requirements, cleanroom needs, etc
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