Traditional Vs. Medical

Medical Diecutting

  • Preciscion: Cut parts to exact dimensions everytime
  • Efficiency: Cut Multiple parts at the same time
  • Minimize Waste: Utilitze the entire material
  • Speed: Cut more material in less time
  • Consistancy: Make the same cut everytime
  • Accuracy: Up to +/- 0.002” tolerance levels
  • Multiples: Cut multiple parts in one impression
  • Automation: Significantly reduce man-hours
  • Safety: Eliminate chance of accidental injury due to scalpel cutting

Scalpel Cutting

  • Imprecise: Hand cutting can vary with each cut
  • Inefficient: Cutting errors are costly
  • Wasteful: Material is never fully utilized
  • Slow: Cutting by hand takes 10 times longer
  • Inaccurate: Human ability cannot approach diecutting
  • Singles: Parts must be cut one at a time
  • Variation: Humans cut differently from piece to piece
  • Manual: Humans take much longer to perform cuts
  • Risky: Every cut finger loses time and money for clean room contamination and employee first aid